Air Gap Sensor


AGS-4S (0,8...4mm) edge mount

AGS-15 (3...15mm)

AGS-25 (5...25mm)

AGS-50 (10...50mm)

AGS-51 (5...50mm)

AGS-65 (6,5...65mm)


Air Gap Sensor for hydro/turbo-generators and electrical motors

Edge mount version for wind generators and electrical motors (AGS-4S)
High resolution, 20 microns (with oversampling)
Sensor probe made of high stability Glass Epoxy FR4 carbon particles electrode
Temperature compensated -20...140C
Immune to strong magnetic fields, vibrations and deposits
Insulated DC/DC power supply
Optocoupler insulated output 0-20mA or 4-20mA
Easy to install



Very low profile Air Gap Sensor AGS is a non contact capacitive type distance measuring transducer.
The system consists of a AGS sensor with triaxial cable, preamplifier and Air Gap Sensor Conditioner AGSC.
Heavy duty aluminum waterproof industrial housing shields sensor electronics from harsh environment.
For easy integration within monitoring systems, AGSC has it`s own DC/DC insulated power supply and optocoupler insulated output.




-AGS Installation and user manual 170701 (ENG) (PDF 1,2 MB)
-AGS AGS Installation and user manual _up to SN172305 (ENG) (PDF 4,5 MB)
-AGS Air Gap Sensors datasheet 170701 (ENG) (PDF 2,5 MB)
-Air Gap Sensor Installation (mp4 89,9 MB download only)