Overcurrent protective relay



CT powered or external powered microprocessor technology
For vacuum or gas insulated switchgear, transformers ...
High accuracy, thrue RMS measurement
3 phase definite time overcurrent and short circuit protection with
variable tripping times (ANSI 50/51)
3 phase overcurrent protection with selectable inverse time
characteristics and definite time short-circuit element(ANSI 50/51)
Single phase operation possible
Wide setting range: 1,12 ... 287.5A with 3 types of current transformers
(Koncar EASN ST2A, ST3A, ST4A).
Output for tripping coil, flag or remote signalisation
Simple and safe dip-switch selectors
Non-volatile fault memory
Communication port for diagnostics
Current transformers with built-in test winding
Front panel LED signalisation
Use in unmanned distribution substations possible
Built-in safety functions

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