Wireless Hydrogenerator Rotor Monitor


WRM - Software "Rotor View" v1.0 display layout


Wireless Rotor Monitoring System for hydro generators


Exciter Voltage Sensor,
Exciter Current Sensor,
Insulation Resistance Sensor (Generator field ground detector),
Rectifier Diode Failure Detection,
Up to 127 Temperature Sensors (DS18S20),
Air Gap Sensor AGS 25XG(Extended G-Force), accurate stator geometry detection,
Magnetic Induction Sensors, reliable windings short circuit detection,
Powered from exciter current, (patent pending),
Tested up to 500G (pending further testing),
Easy installation of sensors with Self-adhesive Silicone Clamps (patent pending),
Software "Rotor View" v1.0 - Numeric view, alarms, trending...
Software "Rotor Graphics" v1.0 - Graphic and numeric view...


Dynamic measurements of electric and mechanical parameters significantly contribute to overall reliability of hydro-generators. Overstressing of rotor/stator in many different ways may cause deforming of rotor/stator shape/geometry, making the whole generator system prone to failure.
Thanks to rotor Air Gap Sensor this is the first method to allow real time measurements of stator geometry under dynamic conditions. Rotor Magnetic Induction Sensor makes possible monitoring of the generator system functionalities and may crucially contribute to the overall reliability. Fault prevention is now possible and saves cost of major overhauls.


Figure1: WRM with Air Gap Sensor electronics   
Figure2: WRM with Air Gap Sensor installed
Figure3: Wireless Rotor Monitor mounted 
Figure4: WRM - Sensors installed on pole

 Figure 5: Wireless Rotor Monitor- excitation voltage, Magnetic Induction, Air Gap and excitation current sample at Hydro Electric Power Plant "HE Vinodol"

Figure 6: Wireless Rotor Monitor- excitation voltage and current measuring sample:
excitation, synchronisation and full load



-Wireless Rotor Monitor specifications (PDF 1.6 MB)
-Software "Rotor View" v1.0 - Display Layout for printing (PDF 907 KB)

-Presentation (PowerPoint 3.6 MB)